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Making Workspace

We specialise in end to end spacial design planning. We help you visualise and develop inspirational new workspaces for organisations and people. We have successfully completed thousands of projects across a wide range of sectors.
Our procurement methods allow us to offer competitive, fixed price contracts for office furniture and refurbishment projects, and we have the skill sets to deliver results time after time.
Ten Eighty will work with you and combine your business expertise with our industry knowledge of the modern workplace. We aim to create dynamic working environments which enhance business performance, while inspiring your staff to be more productive and deliver tangible business benefits.




This is designed to gather information on current working patterns, understand how staff perceive their working environment and how they see their role and job in the future. We also gather specific information on commuting patterns, well-being, storage requirements, IT Technology usage and the appetite for workplace change, along with workplace flexibility or activity based working.

This is a great tool to gain employee buy-in for any new work place initiatives.

We structure in such a way that allows us to analyse responses by team, department, location, job profile orange group providing key insights into how your workplace is used and perceived


  • Evidence Led Design
  • Space Appraisal
  • Define Workflow
  • Department Adjacencies
  • Growth Evaluation


We get to know your business so we can define a workplace strategy that is uniquely yours…
We believe in evidence-led design; from your needs and goals, to your people, culture, existing systems and existing workplace technologies. This ensures that your business goals are at the centre of the canvas upon which we design your workplace strategy. We thoroughly appraise your space, even if it is a new purpose built space, we want to understand the shape, area, circulation, adjacencies, security, natural light, sunshine, etc.

Understanding the building and its pros and cons lets us strike the perfect balance between creativity and practicality.


  • Concept Design
  • Furniture Evaluation & Specification
  • Detailed Design & Specification
  • Technical Design & Conceptual Sampleboards


We translate the knowledge gathered in the DEFINE phase. Concept drawings, mood-boards, sample-boards, occupancy arrangement plans are devised for open plan, cellular offices, collaboration spaces, focus rooms, print hubs, meeting rooms, training rooms, work cafes, telephone hubs, boardroom, receptions and client waiting areas; these are all elements that can be given form and shape. Colour palettes, textures, fabrics and finishes are considered and selected according to what works best in the space.

Refined floor plans now become 3D virtual reality images that can be shared with staff and team members.


  • Contracting
  • Onsite Implementation
  • Installation of Furniture
  • Finishing


A few weeks before the foreseeable completion of a project, we discuss dates and times, onsite health and safety, delivery phasing and access routes and all related responsibilities. We anticipate any foreseeable obstacles and prepare for any problematic outcomes.

Every member of our extended team knows exactly how to prepare and how their part fits into the bigger picture. We also ensure ‘snagging’ is carried out on all aspects of the project on completion so that we’re able to rectify any issues before the client sets foot into their new space.

After delivery and project completion, we are always at hand for any troubleshooting or queries. We are on call throughout the life of the client’s existing project and any future ones too; the ongoing satisfaction of our clients with their new space is essential to us.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
As an ISO 9001:2015 company we have all the necessary Quality Management systems and process in place.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
Our Environmental Management procedures have been certified and we are proud to have been awarded the ISO: 14001:2015 Standard.

"We offer an extensive range of products, from simple and cost-effective options to the most innovative, cutting-edge designs available on the market. We’ll also provide you with transparent costs to ensure that your budget is realistic, and you achieve cost certainty throughout your workplace development. Your items will be delivered to your offices at your convenience and fully installed to exacting standards."

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